Tourists Falling Victim To 'Clear Cup' Scam

Tourists Falling Victim To 'Clear Cup' Scam
Photo by Léonard Cotte / Unsplash

In this eye-opening TikTok video, a vigilant content creator takes to the bustling streets to alert unsuspecting tourists about the notorious "clear cup scam." With a blend of engaging storytelling and practical advice, the TikToker passionately educates viewers on the deceptive tactic employed by some unscrupulous vendors. The video unfolds against the backdrop of a vibrant tourist destination, as the creator vividly recounts instances of unsuspecting visitors falling prey to the seemingly harmless clear cup ploy.



Clear cup scam in Paris. These guys are out here every day and the police control them constantly. They can get agressive with you so just keep walking if it ever happens to you. #parisscam

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