This Could Influence Cancer Risk

This Could Influence Cancer Risk
Photo by Lily Banse / Unsplash

Watch out for this.

Studies have shown that diet and food choices in ones life can have a significant impact on cancer risk. Researchers say that although there are other factors that play into ones chances of getting cancer, diet still has a significant impact on their chances.

Red and processed meats are one of the leading factors of this research. Scientists note that these meats can impact ones chances of developing stomach and breast cancer. The study cites that risk can raise up to 20% percent if ones diet includes around 150g of red meats per day.

Another leading cause of cancer is ultra-processed foods including soda and energy drinks, breakfast cereals, reconstituted meat products. The study shows that ultra-processed foods has a 10% increase in ones risk of developing certain types of cancers such as breast cancer.