The Best Way To Stop Ringing Ears

The Best Way To Stop Ringing Ears
Photo by Jessica Flavia / Unsplash

Here's what to do.

Ringing ears can significantly impact a person's day. They can make easy tasks much more difficult and provide a lot of discomfort to a person. Here is how to stop ringing ears for good.

When ringing ears come up experts say that one should switch on a fan to counteract the ringing. This is due to the fan creating a "phantom" noise that ears will focus on which will reduce the loudness of the ringing or completely cancel it. pink noise also helps with this and can be found anywhere on the internet.

During the night when one cannot create noise to block out the ringing, experts stated that it is best to try melatonin which will ease the ringing and help with a good nights sleep. Research has showed that taking melatonin at night can reduce the ringing caused by tinnitus by 40%.