Prices Rise To New High

Prices Rise To New High
Photo by Dmitry Demidko / Unsplash

This is insane.

As inflation is on the rise yet again consumer spending has also dropped which is causing items to become higher on the price range. The prices have rose to a new high that hasn't been broken in over 30+ years. Prices have jumped up to 5.7% which is rocking the nation.

Consumers do not want to spend since prices are continuing to climb and the market is beginning to fail. Inflation is the main cause for the issue but experts suggest that after Christmas the market should start to go back to normal. The new surge is effecting millions of Americans and is causing issues throughout the country.

It is very important for the rising inflation to be curbed by any means necessary. High inflation will cause the market to be in a very unhealthy state if it is not stopped.