One Of The Dumbest Inventions Ever Made

One Of The Dumbest Inventions Ever Made
Photo by Jason Abdilla / Unsplash

In a hilariously unconventional and utterly eyebrow-raising TikTok experiment, the ingenious yet audaciously whimsical content creator "ididathink" embarks on a daring journey to redefine the boundaries of absurdity. Armed with a welder's torch and an unyielding determination to push the limits of logic, ididathink takes the concept of "investment" to an entirely new dimension. Watch in awe-struck amusement as the TikTok sensation ingeniously welds an axe head to a generously-sized spring, defying all conventional financial wisdom in a spectacle that marries craftsmanship with sheer, unapologetic absurdity.



Made a spring axe #science #diy

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