NFL Superstar Challenges Olympic Athlete

NFL Superstar Challenges Olympic Athlete
Photo by Adrian Curiel / Unsplash

Here's what happened.

Olympic sprint legend Usain Bolt was called out by NFL superstar Tyreek Hill and challenged him to a 40 yard dash to see who is faster between the two. The challenge comes after Bolt boasted about his olympic performances to analyst Pat McAfee.

Bolt stated that Hill would have "no chance" against him in a race. Hill responded to this message with his challenge. Hill stated that Bolt is now “old and washed up." Hill also claimed that Bolt would "not able to see" him run during the race.

Bolt responded to Hill's message stating that that he ran a "4.22" in his sweats adding that the wide receiver has "no chance" against him. He continued his statement by just adding "say less" to the caption of his tweet.