Garbage Man Caught Stealing Trash?

Garbage Man Caught Stealing Trash?
Photo by Carl Campbell / Unsplash

In this hilarious video, we witness a garbage man's comical misadventure during his daily rounds. As he expertly maneuvers the arm on his garbage truck to collect trash from curbside, the unexpected happens: a particularly stubborn trash can gets stuck on top of the truck! Oblivious to the bizarre sight behind him, the garbage man drives off, unknowingly turning his vehicle into an unintentional trash container. Hilarity ensues as he nonchalantly continues his route, leaving bystanders in stitches and prompting a frenzy of bewildered reactions.



A rubbish truck driver has accidentally driven off with a recycling bin on the vehicle's roof. The unlucky moment was caught on CCTV in an Ipswich street on Tuesday morning. #recycling #recyclingbin #ipswich #qld #queensland #oz #aus #australia #7NEWSbrisbane #7NEWSaustralia #7NEWS

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