Dangerous Monkey Escapes Zoo Enclosure

Dangerous Monkey Escapes Zoo Enclosure
Photo by Jeffrey Eisen / Unsplash

In this hilariously endearing video, a cheeky monkey, possibly an orangutan, becomes an unwitting star of escape artist antics at the local zoo. With a plump physique that could rival any seasoned sumo wrestler, the determined primate embarks on an escapade like no other. With sheer determination and a not-so-subtle touch of clumsiness, it sets its sights on freedom by attempting to scale a rope, only to find itself in a rollicking, chubby-chic adventure that leaves onlookers in stitches.



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Did You Know!

Sign language has tongue twisters.

They are called finger fumblers. Many who have practiced sign language over the years still fumble over certain sequences in ASL.