Couple Saves $10k Or More With Genius Invention

Couple Saves $10k Or More With Genius Invention
Photo by Tobias Oetiker / Unsplash

In this captivating video, one adventurous couple takes on the ultimate DIY challenge by creating an invigorating ice bath/cold plunge experience at home, all on a shoestring budget of less than $1000. With their ingenuity and resourcefulness, they transform their backyard into a winter wonderland, fashioning a custom-made ice pool and devising a clever system to keep the water icy cold. The video not only showcases their impressive DIY skills but also captures the sheer excitement and satisfaction of plunging into the freezing waters, as they embrace the bracing cold for its numerous health benefits.



How we made a DIY cold plunge at home #icebath #wimhof

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