Brother Shows His Love With Hilarious Prank

Brother Shows His Love With Hilarious Prank
Photo by Kylo / Unsplash

In a heartwarming display of brotherly camaraderie, the younger brother, who had Down syndrome, hatched a mischievous plan that would bring delight to both himself and his older brother. With a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin, he approached his sibling, explaining with animated gestures and infectious enthusiasm that he wanted to transform him into Santa Claus using a bit of shaving cream. Intrigued and unable to resist the infectious joy radiating from his younger brother, the older sibling reluctantly agreed, allowing the shaving cream to be gently applied to his face.



you know he’s really happy he got his way 🥰 #foryou #brothers #downsyndrome #brotherlylove #fyp

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