America Shocked By Man Simple Trick To Learn The Piano

America Shocked By Man Simple Trick To Learn The Piano
Photo by Johannes Plenio / Unsplash

Embarking on a musical journey like never before, witness a captivating video as a man immerses himself in the world of piano mastery using the cutting-edge Meta Quest 3 and augmented reality technology. The video chronicles his transformative experience, capturing the seamless fusion of virtual and real-world elements as he learns to play the piano in an entirely new dimension. With the Meta Quest 3's immersive capabilities and augmented reality overlay, viewers get a front-row seat to witness his progress, demonstrating the powerful synergy between technology and musical artistry.



5th week with #metaquest3 using #augmentedreality to acquire new skills. Finally I am able to play moonlight Sonata at hundred percent speed with both hands. This is a level 14 piece and at best I am playing lv 4 and 5 ones, but because I love it, I didn’t care and I included in someway in all daily practices 🦾🦾 qquest3ppianovisionmmetaquestproaaugmentedrealityAARmmixedrealityllearningpianofromscratchp#piano

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